Blind Luck


Dave Bolden’s life feels like it’s on repeat. He works his eight hours at a boutique accounting firm, goes home, gets drunk and wakes up the next day to go back to work with a hangover. But his life changes when an eighteen-wheel truck crashes through the front windows of his workplace, killing everyone except him. Shortly after the accident, he is approached by an eccentric businessman, Mr. Thorrin, who interprets Dave’s survival as luck and sets out to exploit what he perceives as a gift. Mr. Thorrin wants Dave to participate in gambling, stock manipulation and extreme betting, all based on this belief. Complicating Dave’s life further is his strained relationship with his father, a lifelong compulsive gambler. The more he interacts with his father, the more he realizes a series of events from his childhood support the theory that he is unusually lucky. What transpires is a series of extreme tests of luck, orchestrated by the very mysterious Mr. Thorrin. The more Dave denies that he is lucky, the more he finds himself in situations that make it appear that he is. As the stakes rise both financially and personally, Dave is left to decide whether his run of good fortune is a gift or a curse.


Scott Carter has delivered a wonderful debut novel, one that is fresh and original. The book weaves between what is happening and flashbacks in Dave's life that shows how lucky he is. The flashbacks are done in such a way that we can see why Dave doesnt view himself as lucky. These segments add a depth to the tale and a nice backing to make his non-belief in his luck that much more understandable. The book moves quick, is incredibly well written and exciting in a subtle way. I highly recommend this one.

Suspense Magazine

Blind Luck is a well paced story, filled with twists and turns and the edge-of-your-seat nail biting thrills that many gamblers have experienced when testing their luck and leaving things to chance. Carters easy writing style and comfortable characterization makes Blind Luck even more difficult to put down. David Bolden is one of the most relatable, likable, and real characters Ive read in a very long while.

The Canadian Publishing Examiner

...This page-turner of a novel is a treatise on family, fortune and fate, a fast trip into the world of chance. Couple it up with Russell Smiths Girl Crazy and you have two very smart, stylish works of big city imagination.

The Owen Sound Sun Times

Carter does fine work on the little details of his characters appearance and interactions. Dave Bolden is a likeable protagonist, the prose is engaging.

Quill & Quire

Lucky us, to have author Scott Carter among us. The Beach-bred and Riverdale-dwelling teacher and screenwriter has produced his first novel, Blind Luck, and its a terrific read.

Toronto Reads

The book I read is called Blind Luck by a Canadian Author named Scott Carter...its truly an amazing read

102.1 The Edge

Blind Luck is an extremely engaging novel. Carter, who is also a screenwriter (and English teacher), has crafted a book that craves to be made into a film. The action never flags, the characters are sharply drawn (especially Dave, whom I imagine played by John Cusak), and the scene shifts from Daves past to present are smoothly handled...

The Beach Metro

About the Author

Scott Carter

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Scott Carter

Scott Carter is an author and screenwriter. His first short film debuted at the Exploding Cinema Film Festival in Los Angeles. Since then his films have played in festivals across North America and his script The Unspoken Promise was written for Bravo! Television. His first novel was the critically acclaimed Blind Luck. Carter is a Toronto native who still lives in the city.