Depth of Field


Photographer Tom McCall’s only regret about accepting an assignment from the beautiful Anna Waverley to photograph her boat for a potential buyer is that he has double-booked himself and needs to hand the assignment over to his partner, Bobbi.

Little does he know how much of a regret it will become. En route to the assignment, Bobbi is brutally beaten and left for dead.

As his partner lies in a coma, Tom searches for an explanation for the attack. Learning that Anna Waverley doesn’t actually own the boat she was supposedly interest in selling, and in fact that the woman claiming to be Anna Waverley may have been an imposter, Tom believes he knows where to start his investigation.


"Blair's mysteries keep getting better."

London Free Press (March, 2009)

"Blair's skills at writing and pacing lead the reader toward a climax both surprising and satisfying."

Hamilton Spectator (April, 2009)

"McCall is no challenger to professional sleuths, but he's an entertaining and intrepid amateur with a penchant for landing himself and his friends in murderous situations."

Publisher’s Weekly (December, 2009)

"Michael Blair serves up plot twists quick and plenty. His writing is terse and snappy and entertaining…"

Quill and Quire (March, 2009)

"…a good story and well-written…"

Star Phoenix (Saskatoon, SK) (May, 2009)

About the Author

Michael Blair

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Michael Blair

Michael Blair is a freelance technical writer/editor living in Montreal. Overexposed is his third mystery, a sequel to If Looks Could Kill, a finalist for the 1999 Chapters/Robertson Davies Prize and shortlisted for the 2001 Quebec Writers Federation First Book Prize. His second mystery, A Hard Winter Rain, was published by Dundurn in 2004.