Every Boy I Ever Kissed


A bold step toward a new cultural narrative around sex

Sex was supposed to be easy. It was supposed to be fun, liberating, and empowering for a girl who’d been brought up thinking the battle for sexual equality had been won. But for Nellwyn Lampert, losing her virginity would turn out to be anything but simple. Whether she was being confronted with porn-induced erectile dysfunction or other crises of masculinity, nothing went according to plan in the bedroom. Instead, Nellwyn had to learn to navigate the realities of sexual liberation, female empowerment, and masculinity all on her own.

In this coming-of-age memoir, Nellwyn looks back on her experiences with humour and insight to explore what true liberation and empowerment may look like for today’s young women. Her many unexpected adventures will prompt reflection on a bigger question: What does it mean when our experiences fail to live up to who we think we should be as liberated, postmodern women?


Nellwyn Lampert’s Every Boy I Ever Kissed is a delicious mix of poignant stories, girlfriend secrets and bedroom philosophy, spun with the author’s sly wit and astute cultural insights. Who am I? Where do I fit in? are questions we all ask, but if you’re a young woman navigating conflicting messages about identity, feminism and sexual mores, the questions can be thorny. Nellwyn Lampert’s coming of age memoir is wise and wonderfully engaging.

Lorri Neilsen Glenn, author of Following the River

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