Evie of the Deepthorn


A deeply affecting and daring novel about small towns, art, and loneliness.

“A gorgeous, urgent, nonlinear exploration of loss, belonging, rage, and connection, Evie of the Deepthorn announces André Babyn as an unmissable talent.” — Grace O'Connell

What is Evie of the Deepthorn?

It’s a cult Canadian movie that Kent looks to for inspiration as he struggles to understand the death of his brother. It’s a fantasy novel that Sarah wrestles with as she navigates a traumatic childhood and comes to terms with her failures as an adult. It’s a poem that motivates Reza to go on a pilgrimage from which he will not return unscathed.

Shifting and sometimes contradictory, Evie of the Deepthorn is about the search for answers — and escape.


Andre's writing is poised and mature and exceptional. The honesty and intelligence of his voice is so rare these days, in fiction. The believability of his central character never wavers and by the end of the book I was in tears. The book is layered and layered with mystery, poetry, suffering and hope, the best kind of writing. Really, truly, it's a stunning work and I hope you get a chance to read it.

Miriam Toews, author of Women Talking

Babyn's debut novel has moments of deeply affecting writing and captures the emotional void of depression and the fear that trembles alongside desire with a deft touch.

Kirkus Reviews

Evie of the Deepthorn finds magic in the details of everyday life and creates meaningful connections that vanish as fast as they are drawn.

Foreword Reviews

A puzzling, wonderfully strange book – a powerful and promising debut.

Quill & Quire

Evie of the Deepthorn challenges the psyche like a cautionary tale. By turns of heartbreak, dissolution, victory, and more, the prose is as poetic as it is haunting. A work for those with a daring heart.

Téa Mutonji, author of Shut Up, You’re Pretty

A gorgeous, urgent, nonlinear exploration of loss, belonging, rage, and connection, Evie of the Deepthorn announces André Babyn as an unmissable talent. These characters leap off the page in Babyn’s vivid prose as they simmer in suburban bedrooms, explore strange, uncanny forests, and cross paths with one another in contradictory and mysterious ways. Unconstrained and wise, Babyn’s debut is a strange and beautiful gift.

Grace O’Connell, author of Be Ready for the Lightning

Evie of the Deepthorn is a daring, inventive debut novel, and deeply affecting.

Kevin Hardcastle, author of Debris and In the Cage

Babyn has a way with words...this book takes a unique approach to universal themes, rendering the struggles of adolescence, growth, and grief in poignant detail.

Literary Review of Canada

About the Author

André Babyn

Posted by Dundurn Guest on April 30, 2019

André Babyn

André Babyn has an M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Toronto. His short fiction has appeared in Maisonneuve, the Fanzine, Hobart, Grain, and elsewhere. He lives in Toronto.