Ghost Towns of Muskoka


Ghost Towns of Muskoka explores the tragic history of a collection of communities from across Muskoka whose stars have long since faded. Today, these ghost towns are merely a shadow – or spectre – of what they once were. Some have disappeared entirely, having been swallowed by regenerating forests, while others have been reduced to foundations, forlorn buildings, and silent ruins. A few support a handful of inhabitants, but even these towns are wrapped in a ghostly shroud.

But this book isnt only about communities that have died. Rather it is about communities that lived, vibrantly at that, if only for a brief time. Its about the people whose dreams for a better life these villages represented; the people who lived, loved, laboured, and ultimately died in these small wilderness settlements. And its about an era in history, those early heady days of Muskoka settlement when the forests were flooded with loggers and land-hungry settlers.


The authors state in their introduction that their book is intended as a resource for preserving the legacy of long forgotten communities. They hope that to read this book is to understand the development of Muskoka through the years and to gain insight into its unique character. I think they have succeeded. - Judith Ruan, Muskoka Magazine

This is a great book for the history buff, with lots of notes included for reference.

Shelf Life (October, 2008)

Their stories of hardships faced trying to make a life in the wilds of Muskoka are fascinating enough on their own, but when coupled with actual tangible evidence of their existence, the stories come to life.

Parry Sound Beacon Star (July, 2008)

About the Authors

Andrew Hind

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Andrew Hind

Andrew Hind is an author and a local history columnist. He has written on history and travel for a number of regional and international publications. He lives in Bradford, Ontario.