The Great Canadian Trivia Book 2


Did a Canadian kill famed escape artist Harry Houdini? Are the streets of Yellowknife really paved with gold? What was Canada’s connection to those famous "Paul McCartney is dead" rumours of the late 1960s? And just how long does it take a drop of water to flow from Lake Superior to the Atlantic Ocean?

The Great Canadian Trivia Book II brings you all these answers and more. In the much-anticipated sequel to their bestseller, The Great Canadian Trivia Book, award-winning writers Mark Kearney and Randy Ray dig even deeper into Canada’s curious characters, storied past, natural phenomena, cultural idiosyncrasies, and the peculiarities of our leisurely pursuits.

In the pages of this intriguing book, you’ll discover the Canadian who was responsible for introducing the glove to professional baseball, the story behind Canada’s blue two-dollar bill, how the robbery phrase "hands up" was connected to Canada, and whether a goalie can take a face-off in a hockey game.

Think it’s unlikely a Canadian might have been president of the United States? That Sir John A. Macdonald was the only one in his family to achieve political fame? Or that a Canadian rock group would turn down a chance to play at the famous Woodstock festival of 1969? The Great Canadian Trivia Book II will have you thinking again. And again.


"Mark Kearney and Randy Ray give us an easy-to-digest series of Canadian facts introduced by straightforward questions."

The Ottawa Citzizen

"a collection of interesting bits of Canadian lore."

(August, 1998)

"features a spate of interesting information on all things Canadian."

"enlightening and entertaining."

(November, 1999)

"covers fascinating and obscure facts and stories."

(June, 1998)

"full of non-stop Canadiana."

(June, 1998)

"...better than the originalmore detailed."

(July, 1998)

"This book should be part of the school curriculum. It is a fun way to learn about Canada and learn about our history. It's fantastic."

"I never knew how much I didn't know until I picked up the Great Canadian Trivia Book."

About the Authors

Randy Ray

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Randy Ray

Randy Ray is a freelance writer, author and publicist. He worked as a reporter with The London Free Press for 13 years, including three years as the newspaper's Parliament Hill correspondent. He lives in Ottawa.

Mark Kearney

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Mark Kearney

Mark Kearney lives in London and has worked as a journalist for almost twenty-five years. He has a journalism degree from the University of Western Ontario.