The Green Labyrinth


In the critically acclaimed The Rope in the Water, Sylvia Fraser described her three-month pilgrimage to India in search of "something larger than myself, something deeper, something more." In The Green Labyrinth, Fraser continues her journey, this time deep into the jungle of the Amazon in the company of shamans, traditional spiritualists practicing ancient rituals. At the heart of Fraser’s quest lies the mind-expanding drug "ayahuasca", a gateway to worlds beyond her own, to a better understanding of the mysteries of existence. Fraser takes us to shamanic sanctuaries that hover at the edge of our modern world, providing a portal to the unknown. Along the way she introduces us to a diverse group of pilgrims searching for their own answers with the help of shamans and ayahuasca. Through meaningful visions and with spiritual guidance, Fraser and her fellow travellers acquire insight into their emotional and psychic lives, and discover that many of the answers they are searching for lie within themselves.


One can relax and enjoy Ms. Fraser's writing, which is rich yet superbly honed.

New York Times Book Review

Fraser strikes the perfect balance between eager spiritual adventurer and keen-minded journalist. With skills like hers, she can just let go and write.

Calgary Herald

Sylvia Fraser is an exceptional writer whose gifts set her apart from the poseurs.

Now Magazine

One or the most courageous, skilled and unconventional writers working in Canada.

Winnipeg Free Press

...The Green Labyrinth eschews tedious introspection for the breathless style of an exploration novel...Fraser seamlessly combines the factual and the personal with a style that makes the work intriguing...

Quill & Quire

...absorbing, moving, and occasionally terrifying...

Books in Canada

Fraser writes in an accessible journalistic style, always ready to relay her personal insights in great detail.

Canadian Literature 186

Fraser has brought back from her quest an unconventional travelogue abounding with thought-provoking ideas, personal insights, vivid descriptions, and unpretentious humour.

Georgia Straight

Fraser engages us in humour and insight as we travel with her through a series of unusual adventures while searching for the higher mysteries of life.

Omega Source

A thoroughly engaging and stimulating read.

Vitality Magazine

The writing is to die for.

The Edmonton Journal

About the Author

Sylvia Fraser

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014
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Sylvia Fraser

Sylvia Fraser is the best-selling author of nine books, including the internationally acclaimed My Father's House: A Memoir of Incest and of Healing, and The Quest for the Fourth Monkey: A Thinking Person's Guide to the Physic and Spiritual Revolution (previously published as The Book of Strange). A resident of Toronto, she is currently working on a book about shamanism in the Amazonian Basin.