Some kinds of love can only be endured.

Richard Wilson, a professor of English literature, and his wife, Carol, are injured in a landslide that destroys their home and takes the life of their student boarder. Richard heals from the injuries caused by the accident, but, emotionally traumatized, he withdraws into his own world, threatening his marriage.

When the beautiful, intriguing Jacintha enrols in his seminar on The Tempest, Richard gradually falls under her spell. But on the verge of succumbing to his desire, he receives information that shatters his belief in himself as a moral man. He tries to distance himself from Jacintha, but she has other plans that can only lead to more anguish for everyone involved.


[An] introspective and thought-provoking read...Davies’ greatest strength is the poetic quality of her prose, which sets the tone of the novel magnificently.

The Ormsby Review

Jacintha carries whispers of The Tempest, playing with monsters and storms, fathers and daughters, yet what Davies has crafted is entirely her own: a taut, elegant novel that is both horrifying and sexy. A daring meditation on lost daughters, obsession and personal responsibility with a knife blade at its heart.

Shaena Lambert, author of Oh, My Darling and Radiance

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