Journey through Genocide


Powerful accounts by genocide survivors, a journalist seeking to bear witness to their pain.

Darfuri refugee camps in Chad, Kigali in Rwanda, and the ruins of ancient villages in Turkey — all visited by genocide, all still reeling in its wake. In Journey through Genocide, Raffy Boudjikanian travels to communities that have survived genocide to understand the legacy of this most terrible of crimes against humanity.

In this era of ethnic and religious wars, mass displacements, and forced migrations, Boudjikanian looks back at three humanitarian crises. In Chad, meet families displaced by massacres in the Darfur region of neighbouring Sudan, their ordeal still raw. In Rwanda, meet a people struggling with justice and reconciliation. And in Turkey, explore what it means to still be afraid a century after the author’s own ancestors were caught in the Armenian Genocide of 1915.

Clear-eyed and compassionate, Boudjikanian breathes life into horrors that too often seem remote.


This personal exploration of genocide asks important questions.

Publishers Weekly

Thought-provoking and candid, Journey through Genocide is a dark yet necessary contribution to public and college library World History and Holocaust Studies collections.

Midwest Book Review

As pleasurable a read as a book on stories of genocide could be... his tone is a measured one, a road that brings you to what he saw, but doesn't lavish on the gory details.

The Eastern Door

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