Kameleon Man


Runner-up for the 2004 ReLit Award

High fashion, higher stakes, sex, glamour, and great clothes, Stacey Schmidt gets a taste of all these when he’s suddenly propelled from suburban model hell into the garment jungle of today’s Toronto. Stacey’s part black, part white, and apparently on a fast track to fame, fortune, and all the women he could ever want, though at times it seems as if he’s standing still. But does he really want the glitz?


ReLit Award

About the Author

Kim Barry Brunhuber

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Kim Barry Brunhuber

Kim Barry Brunhuber is a writer, television reporter, and documentary filmmaker. Born in Montreal, he lives in Ottawa splitting his time between Canada and Africa, writing and making documentaries. His news stories have been broadcast around the globe, and his articles have appeared in newspapers and magazines in Canada and South Africa. Kameleon Man was a finalist for the national 2004 ReLit Award and the 2004 Ottawa Book Award.