Learn This Poem of Mine by Heart


Here is a selection of sixty poems written by one of Hungary’s greatest living poets and its leading writer in exile. They were written by George Faludy in Hungarian between 1937 and 1980 and are being published here for the first time in smooth-running English translations by a host of Canadian writers (plus one Anglo-Hungarian, Arthur Koestler).

These poems, which document life in Europe and North America during and after the Second World War, were composed in Budapest, Vienna, Paris, Casablanca, Marrakesh, Recsk, New York, London, Malta, Valencia, Philadelphia, Montclair, Charlotte, Tangier, and Toronto (where the poet has lived since 1967, as a Canadian citizen since 1976). The collection concludes with Faludy’s celebrated 1978 Convocation Address at the University of Toronto.

Learn This Poem of Mine by Heart is Faludy’s first book in English since the publication of East and West (1978), also edited by John Robert Colombo.

About the Authors

George Faludy

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014
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George Faludy

Following the Hungarian revolution in 1956, George Faludy escaped to London, where he wrote his best-known work My Happy Days In Hell. He moved to Toronto in 1967, where he worked as a university professor, and continued writing novels and poetry. After twenty years he moved back to Hungary, where his works were now permitted by the new regime. In 1994 he received the most prestigious award in Hungary, the Kossuth Prize.

John Robert Colombo

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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John Robert Colombo

John Robert Colombo, the author of the best-selling Colombo's Canadian Quotations and Fascinating Canada, has written, translated, or edited over two hundred books. He is the recipient of the Harbourfront Literary Prize and the Order of Canada, and is a Fellow of the Frye Centre.