Margaret and Charley


Although Charles Best is known for discovering insulin, the story of his life neither begins nor ends with that one moment. Not only did he make many other discoveries, he was also one half of an extraordinary couple who, during their almost sixty years together, were involved in many of the significant events of the twentieth century. Margaret & Charley is the story of these two people from their beginnings on the east coast at the turn of the century through the years that followed. Through diaries, scrapbooks, photograph albums, and other documentation, the details of their lives are shared with the reader.


"Henry Best has written his parent's biography with an admirable mixture of affection and detachment, discreetly appearing from time to time in the narrative to underline a point or capture a memory."

British Journal

"...a fascinating new book."

London This Week (December, 2003)

"a detailed account of the travels and exciting social events in the fascinating fairytale life and times of Charles and Margaret Best."

American Medical Association Journal (April, 2004)

"Exhaustive and thorough, (Margaret and Charley) is reminiscent of a James Michener novel in its rich detail and attention to good storytelling."

New Haven Register (October, 2003)

"Henry Best's book about his parents captures an exciting time of discovery, romance and triumph."

Sudbury Star (August, 2003)

About the Author

Henry B.M. Best

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Henry B.M. Best

Henry Bruce Macleod Best is the younger son of Margaret and Charles Best. He has a PhD from Laval University, and has worked as the executive assistant to the secretary of state for external affairs, taught Canadian history at York University, and been the president of Laurentian University.