In PR: Fifty Years in the Field, Jack Donoghue brings together the results of a lifetime in public relations — in the military, public, and private sectors. Each chapter focuses on a different public relations problem, so that the collection as a whole reflects the full spectrum of challenges that PR officers face. The book documents the strategies applied to and the lessons learned from public relations exercises involving such divergent events as the Hong Kong Courts Martial, the Manitoba flood of 1950, the Manitoba polio epidemic of 1953, and the National Energy Program. It also describes the PR problems presented by the Alberta nurses’ strike of 1977 and the fiasco of Information Canada. Jack Donoghue’s memoirs provide a different and instructive view on significant events in Canada’s history.


"Donoghue's reflections on PR and the abuse of political power could be read with profit in any legislature or social science class. This book warrants a place in public-relations course studies."

Canadian Book Review Annual

About the Author

Jack Donoghue

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

Jack Donoghue

Jack Donoghue is considered a "dean of the profession" in Canada. His career in public relations has spanned more than fifty years and has included stints in the Canadian Army, with the government, and in the private sector. He has received national awards from the Canadian Public Relations Society and is the author of an earlier book, "The Edge of War." He lives in Calgary.