The Plagues of Kondar


Arien holds the key to healing her planet.

Planet Kondar has a light side that faces the sun and a dark side in eternal night. Lightsiders have never met those on Darkside, known as Oscura. Arien lives in Kattannya on Lightside. When her parents fall through thin ice and drown, she is sold in the marketplace. The chief seer of Vor, Yaddair, purchases her.

Vor is very close to Edge, a grey wall of fog that divides Lightside from Oscura. The Oscurans are suffering from a deadly plague and some fly into Vor, bringing the disease with them. How will the Vorians cure it? And what will happen to Arien?


Arien is a likeable protagonist, one who has lots of courage and pluck… Readers will enjoy her tenacity and character growth, and the novel may be a good choice when wishing to introduce a reader to science fiction/fantasy.

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About the Author

Lynne Kositsky

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Lynne Kositsky

Lynne Kositsky is an award-winning poet and the author of several novels, including . Her fiction has won the White Raven award and has been nominated for the Geoffrey Bilson, White Pine, Golden Oak, and Hackmatack Awards. She won the Canadian Jewish Book Award for The Thought of High Windows. She lives in St. Catherines, Ontario.