Royal Tours 1786-2010


Royal Tours 17862010 is a penetrating look at the tours of 11 royals who were or would be monarchs, viceroys, and commanders-in-chief of Canada. Leaving California in 1983 to tour British Columbia, Queen Elizabeth II said she was going home to Canada. Since its pioneer days, the Royal Family has made the country home through tours of public service, naval and military duty, and residence. Beautifully illustrated, featuring photos from the June/July 2010 tour of the queen, Royal Tours 17862010 is a captivating look at how these tours shaped Canada and the royals themselves, with an eye for the significant, interesting, and humorous. Included are the young naval captain who became King William IV, the long Canadian residences of Queen Victorias father and daughter, those who would be kings and governors general, the triumph of the first reigning monarchs tour, and the current queens six decades of regular presence.


This very attractive tome will do much more than grace the coffee tables of naval historians and old salts (although it will perform that task extremely well). Its excellent text and complementary illustrations will enlighten all who read it and improve their understanding of the development of Canadas Navy and the importance of the service to the nations past, present, and, undoubtedly, future as well no matter what their prior knowledge of the subject.

Canadian Historical Review

Theres loads if history and humour in this collection from Toronto-based monarchy experts Arthur Bousfield and Garry Toffoli. Even the Queen would be amused.

The Waterloo Region Record

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Garry Toffoli

Posted by Dundurn Guest on October 30, 2014

Garry Toffoli

Garry Toffoli is an author, editor, media commentator, publisher, and administrator. He writes and lectures on royal, constitutional, political, military, and heritage subjects, and lives in Toronto.