Ten Garments Every Man Should Own


Cultivate your own effortless style with this accessible handbook to quality menswear.

Dressing well matters and it is easily within the grasp of any man, no matter his station in life, age, or budget. The problem today is that men don’t know where to turn for help in building a wardrobe that is classic in style, fit, and quality, as well as sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Ten Garments Every Man Should Own is a practical and entertaining guide to dressing better by building a classic, ethically minded wardrobe, with each chapter covering an essential piece — shirt, jacket, hat, leather shoes, and more. This book cuts through the clutter of online “experts” and fashion magazines, revealing the truth about what really makes a garment worth investing in and owning — how it should be made, how it should fit, and how it should make a man look.

About the Author

Pedro Mendes

Posted by Dundurn Guest on February 18, 2020
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Pedro Mendes

Pedro Mendes is Canada’s leading classic men’s style expert. He has been published in prominent newspapers and magazines and is heard regularly on CBC Radio. He has taught men’s style seminars and worked as a menswear consultant. Pedro lives in Toronto.