Treasure and Intrigue


Three hundred years ago, Captain Kidd was hanged for piracy, but before died he claimed to have hidden a vast fortune in the Indies. In the years since, maps to the fabled island have appeared and there have been many attempts to recover that treasure. This book examines Kidd’s life against the backdrop of piracy in the Indian Ocean and concludes that there is much to justify his claim, and even more to his story - a life of piracy thrust upon him by noble backers, men who broke their own laws and then let him die for their crimes.


"this is a fluidly-written meditation on an intriguing subject, and all in all, a fun read."

International Journal of Maritime History (January, 2002)

"a fascinating mystery story that Harris examines from a fresh and refreshing perspectiveextremely well written."

The Northern Mariner (January, 2002)

About the Author

Graham Harris

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Graham Harris

Graham Harris is a retired civil engineer living in Bedeque, Prince Edward Island. He has authored a number of articles and books of a technical and historical nature, including The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah: A Geotechnical Perspective, which was the basis for a recent BBC documentary, and Oak Island and its Lost TreasureDeceased 11 July 2014.