Undiscovered Mazo de la Roche 9-Book Bundle


Discover hidden gems from the bestselling author of the Jalna series.

A farm inheritance cultivates an illicit love affair. An orphan finds a home with two sisters and their writer lodger and soon discovers strange and frightening events. Three motherless boys living at boarding school find freedom in their limitless imaginations. With these stories, Mazo de la Roche explores the lives of a fascinating and endearing set of characters.

Discover beloved author Mazo de la Roche again with these enduring classics. Nine-book bundle includes:

  • Explorers of the Dawn
  • Possession
  • Delight
  • Lark Ascending
  • Growth of a Man
  • The Two Saplings
  • A Boy in the House
  • The Song of Lambert
  • Bill and Coo

About the Author

Mazo de la Roche

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014
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Mazo de la Roche

Mazo de la Roche was an impoverished writer in Toronto when in 1927 she won a $10,000 prize from the American magazine Atlantic Monthly for her novel Jalna. The book became an immediate bestseller. She went on to publish sixteen novels in the popular series.