The Universe is One Poem


In an easy, conversational style, four leading Canadian poets talk about the teaching and creation of poetry, using examples from their own and students' work.

The four authors discuss the evolution of a poem, including the development of poetic ideas, and the use of imagery and sound.

The Universe is One Poem provides valuable help for teachers and their students, as they explore the challenging but rewarding field of poetry. The authors, all published poets and educators, have particular skill at imparting their love of poetry and helping students to express themselves. Their aim is "to rekindle or keep alive interest in poetry among elementary and high-school students."

About the Authors

George Swede

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014
George Swede photo

George Swede

George Swede is a leading Canadian poet, whose poems have been published in over 150 periodicals and anthologies. He is the author of 36 books, and is the editor and co-author of The Universe is One Poem: Four Poets Talk Poetry.

Penn Kemp

Posted by Kendra on May 28, 2019

Penn Kemp

Penn Kemp has published plays as well as poetry, and over ten tapes of sound poems, chants, and music. Her latest collection of poems is Throo.