When the Bubble Bursts


A newly updated edition for the fast-changing real estate market in Canada!

Over the last two decades Canadians have become convinced that real estate is the
“safe haven” investment. This widely held belief and obsession with real estate led millions
of Canadians to take on massive amounts of debt — tripling their collective financial
burden — ensuring that Canada is one of the most indebted nations on the planet.

Drawing on dozens of interviews and even more conversations with individual
Canadians and couples, this second edition also tackles the economic
conditions and regulatory rules that allowed such a dangerous situation
to develop in Canada, formerly a nation of conservative and prudent citizens.

Hilliard MacBeth argues that Canada is in the midst of an unprecedented
real estate bubble and that there will soon be a crash in house prices,
triggering a financial crisis. Individual Canadians and families can still take action to
protect themselves from the fallout of the bubble bursting — if they act quickly.


Now that Canada’s housing bubble is bursting, Hilliard MacBeth will be recognized for having called it beforehand. He blends the practical knowledge of a financial advisor who successfully survived numerous booms and busts with an intellectual's knowledge of the fallacies that bedevil conventional economics.

Professor Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics and Can We Avoid Another Financial Crisis?

A great read and packed with useful insights and information, this is one Canadian housing-related asset that should hold its value remarkably well over the foreseeable future.

David Orrell, author of Quantum Economics: The New Science of Money and Economyths

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