Are you an Ann, Stacey or Jenna?

Are you an Ann, Stacey or Jenna?

Posted on June 12 by Kim Moritsugu in Fiction, Recent Releases
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My novel, The Showrunner, features three strong-willed women who work behind the scenes on a TV drama. Ann is the Older Established Boss who is losing her grip, Stacey is the disciplined Younger Up and Coming Producer headed to the top, and Jenna is the Struggling Actress turned Assistant looking out for herself.


If you've ever toiled in a competitive, back stabbing work environment – and who hasn't? – you've known an Ann, Stacey or Jenna. Maybe you've been one yourself. Try these quiz questions and find out:


1. When presented with a good idea from the writers' room for a new story line in the TV show you work on, you:


a) claim the idea as your own, and death-stare the idea originator into submission

b) publicly compliment the suggestion and suggester, brainstorm ways to make it better with the other writers, and integrate it into the existing show plot

c) ask if the new story line would lead to a part that you could play


2. When the hunky young actor who plays the stud role on the show comes into the office for a meeting, you:


a) find a vantage point from which you can watch him in all his worked-out body splendour, and suck in some drool when he brushes by you

b) feel nothing, because you learned the hard way – back in high school – that studs can't be trusted

c) don't care. The hunk is neither rich nor famous enough to deserve your hotness.


3. At a weekend cast and executive retreat at a fancy spa resort, you:


a) organize a lavish gourmet dinner, share your knowledge of fine wines with the ignorant bumpkins who work for you, organize a game of Family Feud that pits Olds vs. Youngs, and declare yourself the winner of all contests anywhere

b) abstain from alcohol, go on long sunrise and sunset runs, and try to keep everyone happy while protecting the young female actresses from the creepy older male producers

c) console yourself with wine when your demanding boss makes you miss dinner to set up a stupid Family Feud game.


4. A piece of the triple berry shortcake from the Sweet Lady Jane Bakery in Los Angeles is:


a) your favorite dessert, but too expensive to bring in for your underlings' birthday celebrations – let them eat Sprinkles cupcakes, in the flavour you like.

b) something you wouldn't dream of eating, but a key prop in your plan to bring down your rival.

c) meh. You'd rather spend your calorie allotment on booze.


If you answered mostly a), you're an Ann, so high up the despotic ladder that there's nowhere to go but down. If you answered mostly b), you're a Stacey, and playing the long game to get what you want. If you answered mostly c) you're a Jenna, and the wild card in this scenario. 


To find out where the characters end up, pick up The Showrunner, now available from your favorite bookseller!

Kim Moritsugu

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Kim Moritsugu

Kim Moritsugu’s six previously published novels include The Glenwood Treasure (shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Best Crime Novel Award), The Restoration of Emily (serialized on CBC Radio), and The Oakdale Dinner Club. She recaps TV shows online as The Hungry Novelist and lives in Toronto.