Can you follow the plot?

Can you follow the plot?

Posted on February 14 by admin
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Wakefield finds himself in a doomed relationship.

Finch falls in and out of love with his cousin Sarah.

Does Adeline love Philip?

Two grandsons cause tumult when they bring their brides to live at the family home.

Philip falls in love with a beautiful governess. Renny has a love affair with Claire, the widow of his best friend.

On a ship, Adeline meets a charming Irishman and falls in love.

Maurice brings with him his own problematic affairs of the heart.

Renny becomes entangled in his cousins’ affairs of the heart.

Young love blossoms between Pheasant and Piers.

Dilly tries to snare the heart of Renny.

Wakefield is engaged to Pauline but is tormented by religious doubts.

Renny returns home to find his one-time love still unforgiving, and his brother still involved with an older woman.

Meg is engaged to marry the boy next door.

A made-for-tv soap opera?

No. The Jalna series by Mazo de la Roche is the saga of the Whiteoak family: rivalries, tangled relationships, and secret love affairs.

Each book is a complete and satisfying story in its own right, but the Jalna series has proven itself to be addictive to millions of readers around the world