A Constitution To Be Proud Of

A Constitution To Be Proud Of

Posted on April 4 by admin
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Adam Dodek, author of the new release The Canadian Constitution writes the blog post today on how and why he was inspired to write his book.


I’ve been wanting to write a little book on the Canadian Constitution for at least seven years.  To be honest, I was inspired by the American example and angered by the Canadian lack of access to our Constitution.  In the U.S., you can walk into any bookstore and buy a copy of the American Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, etc.  I can tell you that there are lots of them.  I collect them and I own at least 20 different versions.

The Canadian Constitution will be the first of its kind: the only book that contains the whole text of our Constitution and introduces and explains it to Canadians.

Before I wrote this book, the only version of the Constitution was published by the Government of Canada.  As a good Canadian and a law professor, I encourage my students to buy it every year.  A few years ago, something happened that really pissed me off.  I was informed  that the Constitution was out of print.  It was not available in print form.  Worse yet, it appeared that no one but me noticed.  I knew right then and there that I would have to write this book and the sooner the better.

I think it is critical that Canadians know about their constitution because it  defines and explains who we are as Canadians.  It reflects our history, it explains where we are today and it tells us something of where we are headed in the future.  It is an important part of our identity of which Canadians can rightly be proud.

Many Canadians might be surprised to learn that our Constitution, specifically the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, has been studied, cited and adapted by constitution makers and judges around the world.  People in countries as different as New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, Australia and Hong Kong have looked to the Canadian Constitution for inspiration.  If people outside of Canada think that our constitution is worth looking at, I think it’s time that Canadians become more familiar with their own Constitution as well.  That’s what I have tried to do with the Canadian Constitution.

Adam Dodek is an award-winning law professor at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law. He teaches and writes about the Canadian Constitution and the Supreme Court of Canada and has worked at the Supreme Courts of Canada and Israel and the U.S. Court of Appeals. Adam lives in Ottawa.