My Introduction to True Crime at Dundurn

My Introduction to True Crime at Dundurn

Posted on January 17 by admin
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I had a very early introduction to Dundurn’s True Crime titles. At the end of my initial interview for my current position as Dundurn’s Publicity Assistant, I was given the challenge of going home and writing a press release and a pitch letter for author and alternative musician Lee Mellor’s grisly anthology Cold North Killers: Canadian Serial Murder. My initial thought was something to the tune of “at least I get a free book, even if I don’t get the job” (more than you get from most job interviews, at any rate). After returning home, my attention soon turned to the task at hand. Becoming versed in brutal homicidal maniacs did little to mollify my pre-existing anxiety about the interview process. Still, I managed to come up with the following – what would come to be my very first press release for Dundurn:

Aug. 17, 2012


TORONTO—The product of four years of thorough research, Cold North Killers:
Canadian Serial Murder is the first book to provide a complete and comprehensive
guide to Canadian serial homicide. Tracing high-profile figures such as Paul Bernardo
and Robert Pickton, as well as lesser-known murderers dating back to the 1840s,
author Lee Mellor exposes a terrifying side of Canadian life that has hitherto gone
largely unexplored.

The prevailing opinion among most Canadians is that serial murder is a rare
phenomenon in Canada, limited to seeming anomalies like Colonel Russell Williams
and Clifford Olson. Lee Mellor shatters this conception as he delves into the
backgrounds, motives, and psychology of 60 killers. In chronicling hundreds of
crimes, Cold North Killers also takes a critical look at the various branches of
Canada’s judicial system, highlighting both their achievements and shortcomings.

“Too many Canadian families have suffered as a result of inadequate press coverage,
negligence, a closed judicial system, and public forgetfulness,” writes Mellor, who
aims to broaden public awareness of Canadian serial murder.

Born in Chester, England, Lee Mellor is an author and musician based in Brighton,
Ontario. Cold North Killers is his first book. He is currently at work on a follow-up
piece exploring Canadian multicide. Rampage: Canadian Mass Murder and Spree
Killing is scheduled for release in March 2013.


With over 2500 titles in print and more than 100 titles released each year, Dundurn
Press is one of Canada’s leading publishers of history, literature, politics and the arts.
Dundurn was founded in 1972 and is based in Toronto.

By Lee Mellor
Dundurn Press
March 2012
Trade Paperback: $26.99
Ebook: $12.99
424 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-45970-124-3