Returning Favourites

Returning Favourites

Posted on January 28 by admin
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Among the starring characters of our recently released books for kids and teens, ten-year-old Michiko Minagawa has to be one of my favourites. Of Japanese heritage, Michiko is caught up in the internment of Japanese Canadians during World War II, in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing, is forced to relocate.

Cherry Blossom Winter, which released in September, is the continuing saga of the Minagawa family, told through the ten-year-old. In book one, When the Cherry Blossoms Fell, we see Michiko as a nine-year-old saying goodbye to her father after he is ordered out of BC, with all Japanese-born men. Michiko and the rest of her family then join hundreds of other Japanese-Canadians on a train to the interior of BC where the young girl will face local prejudice.

But now, a year older – and with a new friend – Michiko has some more lessons to learn, and – as usual for the young girl, many of them are outside the classroom. As a former Japanese baseball star invigorates Michiko’s class at the Hardware Store school for Japanese children, and she becomes more engaged with life in her new community, but shortly… she must move again.

Another one of my returning favourites is Little Jane, daughter of fearless pirate Long John Silver, who in the second book of Adira Rotstein’s Little Jane Adventure series, Little Jane and the Nameless Isle, must confront Fetzcaro Madsea, the ruthless pirate hunter, and his crew who have captured her parents. It’s a race and a risk to save her parents, but little Jane is up to the challenge and more than a match for the parent-stealing pirate.

And, of course, any mention of serial thrillers would be incomplete without a reference to I Forgot to Tell You – book three in the Ballet School Confidential series, and its cast of plugged-in frenemies. How will it all turn out for the youngsters at the Vancouver International Ballet Academy? Stay tuned.