Saskatoon Book Launch for Old Man

Saskatoon Book Launch for Old Man

Posted on March 4 by admin
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Today’s guest blog post is from David Poulsen, author of the new release Old Man. David tells us about his awesome book launch that he had in Saskatoon, SK.

David Poulsen:

I don’t know about others but I always go into a launch/signing with trepidation. What if there’s a blizzard and no one comes? What if the weather’s perfect and no one comes anyway? Or what if they come and after hearing me read, no one buys the book? What if a bunch of people get food poisoning from the juice and cookies? (Hey, I didn’t say my fears were rational.)

So you can understand my relief and delight when last week’s Saskatoon launch of Old Man was especially wonderful and went off almost without a hitch. The Star Phoenix publicized the wrong date—twice–but other than that the event was a success from top to bottom. You love it when the venue has to set out more chairs, then head to the back room for still more chairs.

Marcy Hildebrand from McNally Robinson was amazing, Karen McMullin from Dundurn provided all the right promotional touches and the Saskatoon Public Library (where I am serving as Writer in Residence) threw its support behind the event which made it an even more special evening with Carol Johner from the library on hand to handle the introductions.

The reading went well, the questions were fun, people bought loads of books…and the juice and cookies (and wine) were perfect. It was a launch I will remember for a long time and provided just the kickoff to the book’s arrival I had hoped for. Now it’s up to the terrific people at Dundurn—and me—to keep the momentum going.