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Seeing the Whole Process - Part 1

Posted on February 22 by Kathryn in Teens

Publishing is an exercise in patience, collaboration, and organization. Everyone at Dundurn Press plays an important role in getting books from a raw manuscript to the finished product you end up reading.

I started working at Dundurn Press last September as the editorial intern. While I had completed a publishing program and had a broad understanding of the industry, I was still completely surprised by the amount of time and teamwork it takes to create a book from scratch.

Sadia Book Trailer

Posted on January 17 by Kyle in Teens

We're very thrilled to share the book trailer for Colleen Nelson's YA story on friendship, tradition, and resilience.

Watch the trailer for look at the book.


Fifteen-year-old Sadia Ahmadi, a Muslim immigrant from Syria, learns that young voices can still be powerful in Nelson’s story about being loyal to one’s beliefs.

Every book I write starts with a personal connection. Blood Brothers was based on a boy I met who lived in a rooming house in a rough part of town with his dad. He’d gotten a scholarship to attend a private school. He spent three hours every day on the bus going to and from school, but he didn’t care. To him, attending the school was the chance to escape from poverty. His privileged classmates had no idea what his home life was like. Unlike the boy I know, Jakub doesn’t leave willingly.