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Even before coronavirus, there was an urgent need for clear communication, for translating science into plain language, for demystifying medicine and for reducing stigma around disease and disability. This type of science writing is even more critical during this global pandemic. 

In Jacob Bronowski’s 1973 book The Ascent of Man, based on the television series, he talks about the danger of an ‘aristocracy of intellect.’ He warns that keeping scientific knowledge only amongst such an aristocracy could “destroy the civilization that we know.” He writes:

Tim Ferriss, one of my favourite authors and podcast hosts, has been known to joke that the only people who should write books are those who feel they only have two options: type or explode.

I am not sure if I completely agree with him — I think I might enjoy the writing process slightly more than he does — but I am familiar with that “must express … going to explode” feeling.

A great deal has happened since the 2014 publication of Food Junkies: The Truth about Food Addiction.

Initially, I wrote the book to draw public attention to the issue of food addiction. The press was already talking about the addictive nature of sugar:  Remember the study of the rats that preferred Oreo-chow over cocaine? The pictures of people eating Nutella by the bottle and the medical statistics documenting how soda pop brought on diabetes?

My third young adult novel, The 11th Hour, is a snapshot of the dating relationship between the two main characters, Annika and Dylan. They decide to run away together to start a new life at Dylan’s family cabin. Dylan’s ability to cope in a healthy way is compromised by a series of challenges the couple experiences throughout the day.

A Q&A about Food, Sex, and Stacey Gorlicky

Posted on April 12 by Kyle

Tell us about your book.

Food, Sex and You explores the relationship with food, sex and body image.  I share my personal experience with food addiction and how that damaging relationship affected intimacy in my own relationship in my own life.  The book outlines my road to recovery and I share practical steps and treatments that readers can apply to their own journey.

Are you a food addict?

Posted on December 19 by Vera Tarman

Are you a food addict? Worried about your will power with food? Take heed – Christmas is coming!

Christmas season is a difficult season for people who struggle with addiction – any addiction. For the alcoholic, there is the spiked eggnog, rum balls, and expensive wines; for the shopper, there are the stores that beckon people with sales and gift cards, and for the food addict, there is food. Too much food: office buffets, Christmas cake and Santa chocolate and marzipan candies.  Endless amounts of food filled with deadly combinations of sugar, fat and salt.

A world-recognized McGill medical scientist, Peter Macklem became my friend through a shared interest in the misdiagnosis of digoxin poisoning in children based on autopsy blood tests. He became my hero when he stood alone as the professor of Medicine at McGill when he was an expert witness at a Royal Inquiry – denying the validity of autopsy digoxin testing as evidence of murder. He wrote the Foreword to “The Nurses are Innocent” which details how false serial murder charges were laid against nurse Susan Nelles of the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children  (1980-81).